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The chart that is being provided below is the result of the work of members of the American Cervid Alliance. This chart will help by providing members of the elk, red deer, sika, whitetail and mule deer industry with the major concerns, we as producers have, with the current Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Standards being recommended by USDA/APHIS. This is, by no means, the complete list of industry concerns but is indicative of how the federal government is overreaching in an effort to regulate the various industries out of business. It makes no difference whether you ship animals across state lines or simply within your own state, these rules already have and will continue to have a devastating affect on certain aspects of the cervid industry if they are not amended and changed. The Agricultural and wildlife agencies in the state of Iowa have used these Chronic Wasting Disease Standards, although not passed, to destroy Tom and Rhonda Brakke’s breeding and hunting business.

Your association is a member of this alliance and is making every effort to work with other member associations across this country to protect our property and investments. We want to send a message that we are simply not going to sit by and allow our business to be ruined. Do we need certain regulations to protect our natural resources? Absolutely, but the American Cervid Alliance is committed to supporting common sense regulations that will secure the future of the cervid industry.

ACA Concerns vs Rule Chart



Charly Seale
Executive Director
Exotic Wildlife Association