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The South Texas fever tick has been a continuing problem for the livestock industry in South Texas. The Texas Animal Health Commission has done an excellent job in their containment of the fever tick by establishing a containment zone, quarantines and regulations for livestock producers moving out of that zone as well as the hunting public taking legally harvested whitetail deer from that area.  There have been many questions coming from our membership and others regarding the recent harvesting of Nilgai Antelope in that containment zone.  Ranchers, who sell these animals to hunters and meat processors, are concerned that this reduction in the herd sizes of the Nilgai will reduce revenue that many of the ranchers depend on for their livelihoods.


I have included a release from the Texas Animal Health Commission regarding the harvesting of these animals that is being done on federal land located in the Boca Chica Beach, which is located near the Rio Grande in Cameron County.  The harvesting of these animals, to reduce the stress on the federal land and competition with the native wildlife and other endangered species, has been limited.


Some harvesting began two weeks ago and approximately 100 Nilgai have been removed so far.  In talking with TAHC officials this harvesting will conclude this week.  We have been assured that the meat from these animals has been released to a professional processor and that none of these animals were taken on private property.


We hope this helps answer some of the inquiries we have had regarding this issue.  The fever tick infestation is a serious and ongoing problem that exists in the southern part of Texas and the EWA certainly supports TAHC and its efforts to contain these parasites but also being mindful of the private property rights of the ranchers in this containment zone. The state’s hunting seasons have begun and the EWA urges its members and hunters, who move animals in and out of this area of South Texas, to be familiar with the regulations; especially those governing movement out of the zone.


Charly Seale

Executive Director

(830) 928-3158