Exotic Wildlife Association Membership Alert

Congressman Pete Sessions is a man that stands on principle.  He has stood, along with Congressman John Carter, with EWA in our fight for the “Three Species” and now needs our support.  As you can see from the email below HSUS has targeted Congressman Sessions over his refusal to allow the egg bill to reach the floor of the House as a part of the Farm Bill.  By stopping this Congressman Sessions has refused to allow this radical animal rights group to hijack the legislative process. Although eggs may not be our passion or livelihood, agriculture is, and we need to let the congressman know we support him and his efforts.


Charly Seale

Executive Director

HSUS has launched a phone calling campaign against Congressman Pete Sessions

(see link below).




Congressman Pete Sessions and the Rules Committee prevented Pacelle’s egg bill from reaching the floor as part of the Farm Bill.  I encourage you to call Congressman Sessions’ office and thank him. It’s rare that politicians do the right thing despite left wing pressure group tactics. Everyone in the agriculture community should thank him and show his office and staff that he has our support in standing up to HSUS.


Here is his office phone number: (202) 225-2231


Charly Seale
Executive Director
Exotic Wildlife Association