Hurricane Harvey Update

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Hurricane Harvey Update
To all our EWA members who are being impacted by Hurricane Harvey and may be in need of assistance with your animals or other unmet needs and haven’t been able to receive the necessary assistance at the county or municipal level, contact Dr. Yvonne Nadler program manager for the ZAHP Fusion Center.  She is currently assisting the Texas Animal Health Commission in the epic response for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  She has been charged with the task of funneling information to the TAHC task force.  She is currently building a database of all individuals and resources to respond to the needs of our members and others in the area of Harvey.  As time goes on the needs will become even greater than they are at this time. Dr. Nadler’s contact information is; or  She can be contacted by phone at 779-233-7748.
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August 29, 2017
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