Official Update from the TPWD Wildlife Permit Office

Antler Removal Deadline Update for those Affected by Hurricane Harvey
Official Update from the TPWD Wildlife Permit Office
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Dear Texas Deer Breeders or Release Site Owners,
It has been almost three weeks since Hurricane Harvey first slammed into the Texas coast near Rockport. Our thoughts and prayers remain steadfastly with those affected by the storm’s devastation. We understand that Harvey’s unprecedented and persistent rains, wind, flooding, and related tornado activity may have caused significant damage to some deer breeding facilities and registered release sites, preventing some from being able to complete a deer transfer by September 19th in accordance with Parks and Wildlife Code §43.363(a). Please be advised that Governor Abbott approved TPWD’s request to suspend enforcement of PWC §43.363(a) untilSeptember 29, 2017 for any permitted deer breeder who provides TPWD with appropriate documentation establishing that compliance with PWC §43.363(a) is not possible as a result of Hurricane Harvey.If Harvey had such an impact on your deer breeding facility or your recipient release sites preventing you from being able to comply with PWC §43.363(a), please contact deer.breeder@tpwd.texas.govby September 15, 2017 to find out if you qualify for a 10-day extension to transfer bucks with antlers intact.
TPWD Deer Breeder Program Staff
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