Texas Deer Association – who we are

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 Texas Deer Association is the unified voice of deer enthusiasts who seek to share ideas and methods to improve management and harvest of deer. We are a Texas deer organization that cares for the welfare and health of deer herds and methods to increase deer and hunting quality in Texas. The TDA is working toward better conservation, appropriate regulations and improving the overall quality of deer herds in Texas

“TDA is a Texas deer organization that cares for the welfare and health of deer herds and methods to improve deer quality and hunting quality in Texas.”

Since its founding in 1999, the Texas Deer Association has been focused on promoting and caring for the welfare of Texas deer herds, seeking to improve both the quality of the deer and the overall deer hunting experience in Texas.  What began as a small organization of dedicated conservationists has grown into the state’s leader in protecting the rights of private property owners to effectively manage their land as they best see fit.  Every Texas hunter and sportsman deserves the freedom and opportunity to hunt on their terms, in their way!

As the unified voice of deer enthusiasts throughout the state, TDA has worked to educate Texas outdoorsmen and property owners and unify them around a common goal: to promote innovative, effective and ethical management techniques as stewards of our land and wildlife resources.  TDA is dedicated to ensuring that hunting and wildlife management are lifelong enterprises, advocating for wise management practices that utilize research and technology to improve the overall deer herd.

The Texas Deer Association is invested in making sure that ALL Texans can share the hunting and outdoor experience for generations to come. It is a growing community of outdoor enthusiasts speaking with one voice to defend our rights as hunters, conservationists, land stewards, and private property owners.