You know who you are…. (Public Service Announcement)

Article credited to the Texas Deer Association:


Texas Deer Association

You know who you are…. (Public Service Announcement)

WARNING!!! The mass exodus of doe slayers, from cites to the country, has begun! They are easily identifiable by, their need to wear full camo‘s in public, face paint, big jacked up four-wheel-drive pick-ups (with zero scratches), and the biggest Texas Trophy

Hunters sticker to be found. They will infiltrate your town’s bars and pubs, with stories of bucks that are; 40 inches wide, 27 points, 3 drop tines, that score 480 inches SCI, but will never provide photographs, or the actual deer. Said doe slayers will also carry a stench of doe urine and Axe body spray. There is much to be learned from these doe slayers, due to their infinite knowledge of whitetail, as they have NEVER missed an episode of BuckMasters. They will use every cover scent known to man kind, to drive their 4000cc Polaris to their box stand, at which time they will commence the use of 7 different grunt calls, 3 different bleat calls, and plastic rattling horns. Once they have rattled in their biggest spike to date, they will attempt to dispatch the deer with a Weatherby Mark 5, mounted with a Swarovski 10×1000 scope, only to gut shoot said spike. Upon arrival back at camp the buck will have grown to the aforementioned buck that will score no less than 480 inches. They will return to find their trophy buck with all of their comrades and cousin Joe’s labradoodle “blood trail dog.” After scouring 40 acres and having no luck with finding the buck, they will return to camp and call in a professional blood trail dog. Once the professional blood trail dog had arrived and found their trophy spike, they will swear that this is not the buck they shot. However, on their trip back to the city, they will display the antlers proudly, as to tell the common city dwellers, that they are a master outdoorsman. Stories of this buck will be recited for the next 10 months, until next years hunting season and the harvest of an even bigger spike, perhaps even a 3 point. HAPPY DEER SEASON EVE, and GOOD LUCK to all the doe slayers of the world!!!

(Compliments of Derek P. – and quite possibly the funniest thing we’ve ever read!)