Montana Earthquake Triggers Fear of Yellowstone Eruption

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook western Montana early Thursday morning, leaving some concerned about the National Park in the area.

The earthquake was 8.4 miles in depth and was pinpointed roughly 33 miles northwest of Helena, the US Geological Survey reported.

There hasn’t been any word of injuries or major structural damage, so hunters keeping an eye on the game-rich land out there in God’s country can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now. Remember when hunters discovered this massive crack in the Earth, and everyone thought Yellowstone was about to crumble to pieces? Let the conspiracies start now . . .

Are the two instances related? IS Yellowstone actually crumbling right before our eyes? Let’s hear your best explanation.

Thursday’s quake was the strongest in the area in several years. Many folks lost power, however, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office has stated that power is back on for most people. There have been reports of rock slides in the Lincoln area, but again, no reports of injuries or damage.

Don’t get too worried though, these medium size quakes are a somewhat regular occurrence. I wouldn’t reschedule any hunting or fishing trips based on this single event.