A former Indiana teacher’s aide and substitute teacher who admitted to having sex with a student is back in jail for violating her probation by drinking alcohol and using Facebook, according to court documents.

Kisha Nuckols, 40, was taken into custody on Friday after a warrant was issued for her arrest, FOX 59 Indianapolis reported. Court documents obtained by the television station show that the arrest stems from social media use and the consumption of alcohol.

Officials searched Facebook and found a recently updated account for Nuckols that had not been registered with the sex offender registry, a requirement as part of her probation, according to FOX 59.

Nuckols was sentenced to two years of probation and two years of home detention in November, after https://laparkan.com/buy-prednisone/ prosecutors said she sent a 17-year-old student explicit photos of herself before the two later had sex in her home several times. According to court records, Nuckols admitted to having inappropriate relationships with multiple students while working as a substitute teacher at Mount Vernon High School.

During a visit by probation officers on June 28, officials found 14 bottles of alcohol, a red solo cup with chilled wine and a smartphone. The phone contained sexual images of Nuckols and had both Snapchat and Facebook Messenger applications installed, court documents said.

Nuckols at the time claimed that the alcohol and phone belonged to a friend, but portable breath test was administered and Nucklos was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.011 percent, documents stated.

The 40-year-old appeared in court Monday, and a fact-finding hearing for her case has been set for August 3.