The NRA has sent a letter to Douglas County, Georgia, Board of Elections supervisor Laurie Fulton, demanding the board lift their ban on clothing with the NRA name on it.

Breitbart News reported that election officials in that county told two men wearing NRA hats that they had to remove them in order to vote. The first man was asked to remove his hat because another voter was “offended” by it. Board of Elections supervisor Fulton said the second man was asked to do so because of legal precedent.

She said, “Courts have found that anything that suggests [or is] associated with the NRA, in many people’s perceptions, is associated with the Republican Party.”  Fulton said the county does not want to appear to be showing “favoritism” to one party, so people wearing NRA hats are asked to remove them before being allowed to vote.

According to The Washington Times, the NRA’s letter demands an immediate end to this “violation of the First Amendment.”

The letter says, in part:

We are writing to insist that you immediately reverse the unlawful and unconstitutional policy prohibiting citizens from wearing items bearing the NRA name while voting.

This is a serious constitutional issue…attempting to scrub the polling place of any reference to the NRA is a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

We insist you immediately abandon your unlawful and unconstitutional policy