Black Plastic For Sale

Black plastic for sale.   60ml, 8′ x 630′ long, $3,300.00.

winchester tv

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NEED A WEBSITE FOR YOUR RANCH OR BUSINESS BUT DON’T WANT TO PAY A FORTUNE?  We want to let you know that TM provides website hosting and design services for ONLY $285/year!  Design and hosting for one low flat fee with no hidden costs or hourly charges. We would love to welcome any new customers in need of a website for their ranch or hunting operation!

We also want to inform you of the many different ways to advertise on Exotic Classifieds!

•    List your ranch under the Buy/Sell/Hunt tab with the species you sell.
•    Add your logo and link to your website under Industry Links. Priced at $120/year or $25/month.
•    Sell animals on the website. The animals will be listed on our Exotic Surplus List at no cost to you!  Call us today for details.
•    Place an ad for anything other than a particular animal sale in the classifieds section of the website for $25/month.
•    You may also submit articles or links to stories and we will give you credit for the news or entertainment piece if we use it on the website.

We also want to invite you to take a look at what else has to offer!  It is our hope that this site will be a place to bring everyone within our industry together.  You can buy or sell exotic deer and antelope, search for specie specific hunts on ranches, access all of today’s national or local news affecting the hunting industry, advertise your services so that buyers or sellers can find you, join in a free exchange of ideas and discussions in our Wildlife Forum, and watch wildlife and news videos that are informational, educational, or humorous as they present information which affect us all directly.

Call or email today and let us help you reach thousands of potential customers every day!

The Exotic Classifieds Staff
Office: 210-807-4247


We are moving some Red Stags up to the barn this week.  There will be a few big stags and some very nice 2-3 year olds.  All of these stags  come from 500-600 inch genetics and are Texas born and raised.  Let us know if you are interested and we will customize an order for you.

These are the best bloodlines available anywhere.  If you are interested in a breeding group, we also have some very nice females to go with them.


We also have some assorted common exotics for sale as well.  Remember: if you have some animals for sale, give us a call.  We buy animals all year long.  If you have some animals you would like to sell but can not catch, give us a call and we will schedule a capture job for you.

Setting up capture dates NOW!!!  Call to get booked!!!

John Harwood, President
Circle H Ranch, Inc.
(830) 232-6003


Call Wildlife Buyer office to sell us your



4th of JULY SPECIAL!!!

Wildlife Buyer is REDUCING the sellers commission to 7% for 1 week.  This first time 4th of JULY special is only for a limited time so do not miss your chance to list your animals, hunts, or any ranch related items on the auction site.

If you have any questions or need help listing your item(s), please feel free to call the office at (210) 807-4247 OR (210) 807-4247

We are always happy to help our SELLERS and BUYERS!





















WOW!!  LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS AT CIRCLE H RANCH LODGE MEANS SAVINGS FOR YOU!  July 14-18 (4 nights) and July 21-24 (3 nights) have just been released and you can save 10% on your stay of 3 or more buy metronidazole 400mg nights just by saying you saw it here.  HURRY and call Jen at (830) 275-4015 to book your stay in the beautiful Hill Country.  This opportunity will not last long!

Looking for Exotic Hoofstock

Do you have some exotic hoofstock you need to sell?  Wildlifebuyer is looking for Axis, Red Stag, Blackbuck, Fallow, Rams, Elk, Aoudad, Zebra, Giraffe, etc.  You can contact them at and they will handle all your needs.  They have a LARGE customer base so you can be sure that YOUR animal(s) will be seen by many potential buyers!!!

Advertising Services and Rates

There are a few different ways to advertise on E.C.


  • List your ranch under the Buy/Sell/Hunt with the species you sell. Also add your logo and link to your website under Industry links. Priced at $120/year or $25/month.



  • You may sell animals on the website but they can only be listed on our Exotic Surplus List which will be at no cost to you. Call us today for details.





  • You may also submit articles or links to stories and we will give you credit for the news or entertainment piece if we use it on the website.



  • If we host your website there is a 25% discount on all advertising done through exotic classifieds.E.C.


Call or email today and let us help you reach thousands of potential customers every day.

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