Three Mature Axis Does

28568adb2Dc9d12D43662Dbca32Dcfdd7831071bDSC05347AUCTION ENDS TODAY!!!

This group of three beautiful MATURE AXIS DOES would make an excellent addition to your ranch! NO RESERVE on these ladies!! They are barn ready and can be picked up after the auction ends in Leakey, Texas when you click on:

Axis Buck



This nice Axis Buck would make an excellent addition to your ranch! NO RESERVE on this big guy! He is barn ready.

Get YOUR bid in by clicking:

Axis Buck

24fc81572D41062D4cbc2D94082D986df2cb1eafDSC05319AUCTION ENDS TODAY!!!

Very nice Axis Buck that would make an excellent addition to your ranch! NO RESERVE on this big guy! He is barn ready and can be picked up after the auction ends in Leakey, Texas or you can call the office to schedule delivery! HAPPY BIDDING at

Black Hawaiian Ram



NICE Black Hawaiian Ram up for auction! He is a MATURE RAM ready to go to work for you! GREAT GENETICS! Hurry and submit your bid at.

Black Hawaiian Ram

9420571b2D13cf2D4b482D8f822Da412aaec4daeDSC05196AUCTION ENDS TODAY!!!

This is a very nice Black Hawaiian Ram with NICE curls.  You can add him to your ranch today by getting your bid in at.http//

Mature Black Hawaiian Ram

a57d61912Df1d12D4edf2D95202D48781cde4fecDSC05193Auction ends TODAY for a MATURE Black Hawaiian Ram that would make an excellent addition to your ranch!  GREAT GENETICS!  Pick up in Leakey, Texas or call the office to schedule delivery. Click on this link to get in on the active bidding.

Addax for sale at

Auction ends TODAY for a  1 1/2 year old female Addax. [Read More]




Where can you find some

AWESOME animals and a VARIETY of them????

We know where!!!!! auction site!

As of right now we have several active auctions. LESSER KUDU BULL, A HUGE GROUP OF MOUFLON, MOUFLON RAMS, AXIS BUCKS, BLACK HAWAIIAN RAMS, MARKHOR BILLY, ROAN BULL AND PEACOCKS! These auctions are ending soon so log in to your account today to start your bidding! If you have any questions about the animals or the website please feel free to call us at 210-807-4247210-807-4247210-807-4247210-807-4247. HAPPY BIDDING!!!

Click the link below to take you directly to the animal auctions.–Deer



That’s right!!!! We have over 20 AWESOME listings right now! Don’t miss your chance at all of these GREAT ANIMALS!
Right now we have listed….TONS of AXIS!!! Axis are hard to find animals right now! We have a couple or Scimitar Oryx listings, Lots of Barbado Rams, MOUFLON!, Red Lechwe, Nubian Ibex Billy, WILDEBEEST BULL!!!!, and a NICE ROAN BULL! Stock up your ranch right now by clicking the link below to get your proxy bid in!
Call the office if you have any questions! 210-807-4247210-807-4247
ANNOUNCEMENT: will be giving a FREE website away to whoever sells the most animals on between now and April 30th!! That’s a $285 value!!

Circle H Lodge has only a few reservations open for SUMMER!

Spend your SUMMER VACATION in the TEXAS HILL COUNTRY! Circle H Lodge, a historic house from the early 1900’s, is near Leakey, TX, in an area of the Texas Hill Country noted for magnificent scenery. BRING YOUR FAMILY AND ENJOY A NICE QUIET VACATION! You will find the dates that open for Summer! Call the office today 830-275-4015!circle_h_lodge_3769_small


2014 Dates Available at $475.00 per night:

April 14th-18th

April 20th-25th

April 28th-30th

May 1st-8th

May 11th-16th

May 18th-22nd

2014 Dates Available at $575.00 per night:

May 26th-30th

June 4th-6th

June 8th-12th

June 29th-30th

July 14th-18th

August 4th-22nd

*Price based up to 8 people. (Circle H Lodge can accomodate up to 16)*


On Site Amenities include:

  • Located on a private exotic game ranch with no public access.
  • Luxury 2 story rock house with 5 bedrooms and 2 full baths with towels and linens provided.
  • Well equipped kitchen.
  • Satellite TV ; DVD, CD player
  • Free WiFi
  • CANTINA with satellite radio
  • Game Room with game tables, cards, dice, dominoes and darts
  • Washer and dryer on premises
  • Ice machine
  • Covered parking
  • Fire pit with wood for camp fires
  • BBQ pits and smoker
  • Large spring-fed rock swimming pool with shaded cabañas, rope swing and floats
  • Shaded hammock area with 2 full size rope hammocks
  • Horseshoe and washer pits with shaded viewing area for spectators
  • Fishing area with paddle and flat bottom boats
  • Hiking trails with picnic area, hammocks and benches

Let us Sell your ANIMALS! Looking for the following Animals…

We are looking for the following ANIMALS! Please contact Circle H Ranch, Inc. if you have any of these for sale. 830-232-6003…ASK FOR JOHN OR NINA

Fallow, Kudu, Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Watusi, Ibex, Aoudad, Sable, Scimitar Oryx, Addax, BlackBuck, Bongo, Axis, Persian Gazelles, Mouflon, Impalas, Sika, Rams, Red Sheep, Transcaspian Urial, Blesbok, Waterbuck, Zebra, …etc.

Guided quail hunts offered

Maverick Creek Ranch is offering guided quail hunts. $750 per person per day, minimum 3 hunters. $150.00 per person room and board. Email for more information.

Looking for Black Buck, Aoudad, Axis and a Water Buck Male…

Circle H Ranch is looking to buy the following list of exotic animals; [Read More]

Exotic Vacation in the Texas Hill Country

Looking to get away for a romantic getaway or special time with the family?  Circle H Lodge at Circle H Ranch is the perfect spot to make memories.  Book now and receive $100 off any two or more night stay during the Winter Season!  Visit us at or call Jen to book today at 830-275-4015.

008_8 06_06_2012_lodge_firepit[2] Rope Swing

Having Trouble Catching Animals????

[Read More]

Want to Buy or Sell some Exotics???

[Read More]