Information on Choosing a Hunting Guide and Outfitter

As the heat of summer begins to fade away, a new season is upon us.  One that many anticipate all year, spending time preparing, scouting, dreaming, building, and planning for.  From harvesting that dream trophy, to shooting a doe for population management or meat,  to helping your son or daughter take their first spike, Whitetail hunting season is upon us!

Even though outfitters and guides are certainly not limited to whitetail hunting exclusively, the impending whitetail season brings to people’s minds hunting of every kind. Many hunters who do not own or lease hunting property chose to hunt through an outfitter and pay for a guided hunt.  While hunting guides are supposed to aid with the success of the hunt, there are times when they do not preform their jobs efficiently.  The American Hunter has provided a few informative articles to help the hunter know what to look for while choosing an outfitter and guide.  Also, as the hunting industry increases so does the number of female hunters.  The American Hunter provides an informative article discussing what women need from their hunting guides.






Obama at it again!!!!

Greg Abbott
Your Liberty — as a United States citizen — was weakened and threatened yesterday when the Obama Administration helped the United Nations pass the Arms Trade Treaty. Immediately after this disappointing vote, I wrote a letter to President Obama urging him not to sign the treaty.
If the President signs the treaty allowing the UN to be involved in regulating firearms in the U.S., Texas will lead the charge to have the treaty overturned in court as a violation of the U.S. Constitution. [Read More]

They Just Cant Get Along

I can certainly understand why our President is not doing what he promised to do during the presidential campaign. He just lied plain and simple to the American people. What I’m talking about is the promise he made to work with others in Washington to try and work together to come to a bi-partisan agreement so that we can get on with running the country. Instead all I see from both sides is even more gridlock, threats, and name calling. This reminds me of high school and the clicks that were formed so tightly that it didn’t matter what side of the social circle you were on these groups were never going to let you do something to help everyone simply because you weren’t in THEIR click. Dont these guys understand that we can’t just tax, close loop holes, or rely on economic growth to get out of this overwhelming debt that THEY have put US in. It needs to be a combination of all these things. So for these grown men, who are supposed to be leaders, to be arguing like children at recess is very disturbing to me. It is very clear that these IDIOTS won’t fix any of these major problems facing our country today as long as they waste our time and tax dollars squabbling in the manner in which they have become accustomed. I don’t have the answer to fix Washington, but I am very upset over all this fighting. Never before have I felt as though our freedoms as Americans is in such grave danger. We must stop spending our way to the grave, and that means stop punishing the private sector by government acting like a parasite and consuming all that is successful for the sole purpose to spend and waste. Our freedom to pursue what motivates and interests us as individuals and to be successful in that pursuit is what makes this country great. I feel as though our very freedom to pursue just that has never been so fragile as it is at this moment. Come on and take charge of what matters to you and let Washington know that we are fed up with this juvenile and wasteful process we seem to be pursuing. Call your Representatives, Senators, Congressman and become involved and active so that we might all be able to stand up and say we have had enough of the lies, name calling, and juvenile attitudes. It might not do much if ony a few do it, but we might change the world if we all stand together and say enough with this WASHINGTON ATTITUDE and get back to work. They just feel as though we work for them instead of them working for us and that has to change. Well that’s my thought on that issue and I hope things change. God bless and keep fighting.

The definition of insanity

Exotic Wildlife Association
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The People Have Spoken


It is said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results. As I sit here this morning in the quiet darkness and reflect on what just happened I, like many of you, are numb. Did what happen REALLY just happen or is this just some bad dream? The reality and consequences of this whole election will not be realized for days, weeks, months and even years. Most of us already know the ideology and socialistic philosophy of this president and his administration. Those Americans, who have not been blinded and deafened by the air of egotistical self gratification from a man who thumbs his nose and scoffs at the very foundation and principles on which this country was founded, has just been given a blank check to complete the transformation he started four years ago.


Elections do have consequences. What some may not realize is that Obama’s transformation has now been validated and legitimized. By giving this administration four more years, the greatest nation on earth has just been transformed into what our ancestors came to this country in hopes of escaping; from the greatest health care in the world to our financial and judicial system, the country as you and I know it will cease to exist with this election.


One of the far reaching consequences that most do not realize is that Obama has the possibility to completely transform the Supreme Court with the appointment of two justices during the next four years. Once that is done his transformation of this country will be complete. The government will then be in charge of the auto, financial, and healthcare industries as well as the judicial system.


Yes, the American people have spoken. I for one do not want to hear any whining from those that gave this administration four more years when they have less disposable income, more taxes and can’t see a doctor for months. The sad reality is, however, the rest of us will have to live with the transformation of this country as well.


Obama has now inherited HIS own debt and HIS own economy. Let’s see who he blames this time.



Charly Seale

Executive Director

Exotic Wildlife Association


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