Making Money from Sandy???

Sandy becomes major money-making opportunity for some

 IMAGE: A workman cuts a tree in pieces in Hoboken, N.J.

Reuters Photo:Gary Hershorn. IMAGE: A workman cuts a tree in pieces in Hoboken, N.J.
By Steven C. Johnson        
On the first day after the storm, scads of businesses owners, street corner entrepreneurs and, occasionally, good old-fashioned hucksters, were out in force to make the most of a rare business opportunity.

As historic storm Sandy pummeled the U.S. Northeast, knocking out power and crippling transportation in New York City and beyond, the enterprising American spirit was running high – mostly for good, though sometimes leading to accusations of gouging.

Giovanni Hernandez, a tree surgeon working in affluent Millburn, New Jersey, said demand for his services had reached “madness” levels with hundreds of phone calls from people with damaged trees on their property. [Read More]

Sandy Aftermath

Deadliest zone: Staten Island reels from devastation; bodies of boys ripped from mom’s arms found

John Makely / NBC News

Little remains of a home on Yetman Avenue in Staten Island where homeowner George Dresch and daughter Angela, 13, perished in Hurricane Sandy. Patricia Dresch is reported to be in critical condition.

By Jeff Black, NBC News

Staten Island, just a ferry ride from Manhattan but often seen as the poor stepchild of the New York metropolis, apparently was the city’s deadliest zone in Superstorm Sandy – accounting for half the human toll.

 On Thursday the bodies of two young boys who were swept away from their mother’s grasp during  the storm surge were recovered, NBC News reported. A missing husband and wife were also found dead Thursday, reported.

That brought the toll on the island to 19, reported. On Thursday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Superstorm Sandy is responsible for the deaths of at least 37 New Yorkers. [Read More]

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