The Big Water Grab


Outdoor Patriot Show, 01.13.2014outdoor-patriot resized

Eco-Nazis are on the march, and they’re after your private property rights. Oh, and they also want complete control of the world’s most important resource.

Guest: Josh Brones, California Houndsmen for Conservation

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It’s a Hunterful Life!

Outdoor Patriot IllustrationOutdoor Patriot, 12.13.2013

It’s a Hunterful Life! Plus, guest Olivia Nalos Opre on cyber-bullying of women hunters.

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Who’s on the Wall? Hunting Needs Defenders

op-logo-sm-whiteJohn Meng: Outdoor Patriot, 11.07.13

Who is left to defend your hunting heritage? Plus, John goes One-on-One with Joe Seeley, editor of Gunmaker Magazine.

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Outdoor Patriot Podcast

John Meng: Outdoor Patriot, 08.15.13

When a deer breeder runs for public office, does he make political points? John goes One-on-One with Kevin Wallace, candidate for Okla. State Senate.

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Media is hiding the truth about CWD

Outdoor Patriot Show, 12.13.2012

There’s more to the CWD story than you know, and we have proof on today’s show the media is willingly and knowingly withholding the truth. Special Guest: Bob Zaiglin, Texas Wildlife Model

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Gun control is what is in their sights

Outdoor Patriot Show

Here they come! The Gun Controlling brown shirts are on the march again, and the Second Amendment is clearly in their crosshairs. Special Guest: Clayton Wolf, Texas Parks & Wildlife

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Outdoor Patriot Podcast


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Outdoor Patriot Show, 09.27.2012

Just a few weeks until Election Day. Sure, there’s the economy, $16 trillion deficit and foreign policy. But which candidate will be better for sportsmen? Special Guest: Jeff Crane, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation