Tom Selleck Attacked for His Views on Gun Control

Rosie O’Donnell Anti Gun Rhetoric Really Makes Me Upset. Furious

Thank God For Guns!!! – Humorous

William Schatner at his best. Thank God for Guns!!! Ha Ha

Bill Maher Talks About Gun Control – This is why the NRA is so important !!!

These far left liberals really don’t have a clue about the 2nd Amend and the importance of this issue as how it protects us from Government. Ultimately that is why we have it and to involve hunting in the debate and then pick on Texas just shows how dangerous their views and lack of knowledge surrounding conservation really is.


60 Minutes story – Can Hunting Save Endangered Species

This was the first Fair and Balnced Report I have seen on this issue.

Still thinking about voting for Obama!! Watch This!!!

You have to watch this video!!!!