1.1 Pair of Juvenile Burmese Star Tortoises!

If you know about the Burmese Star Tortoise you know they are among the rarest and must beautiful tortoises. They are functionally extinct in the wild and very hard to come by. Even harder to find a male/female pair. These Burmese Stars were temperature incubated for sex and hatched by a top breeder.

Adult Burmese Star Tortoises currently sell for $5,500.00 – $7,500.00 EACH if and when you can find them for sale. A proven breeder pair would be impossible to come by as they are so valuable. 

Here is your can i buy flagyl online chance to obtain the highly sought after Burmese Star as a pair FOR $1625.00/each  and let your family enjoy watching them grow and eventually breed. They are very hardy and fairly easy to care for once you know the basics. We have a number of males and females and will let the buyer select from a few to pick the pair they want. 

The Burmese Star Tortoise. A great edition to any exotic ranch and sure to be one of the most unique species you will raise.  Purchase at www.wildlifebuyer.com or contact at (210) 807-4247.