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Please note that the numbers located after the specie such as 1.4 indicates the number of males and females being offered. So for example 1.4 means 1 male and 4 females for a total of 5 animals.

Our private treaty sales have been extensive with 99% of our surplus animals being sold through orders that we had accumulated so if your looking for something in particular please let us know as most of our sales are done through private orders. With that being said here is what we have in the barn right now and coming up.


Bongo 1.0 Mature  $19,750

Nyala 1.0 2 years old $3750

Reticulated Giraffe1.0 4 years old, Breeder Male, Tame $30,000

Transcaspian Urial Ram1.0 Mature, 43” 363” $17550

Grevys Zebra – 1.0 Breeder $4950

Red Kangaroo1.0 1 ½ year old, Gentle $1550

Red Sheep 5.0 Big, Mature $2500 ea.

Armenian Mouflon 1.0 Pure! 30”! $2950

Wildebeest 3.0 White Bearded, Mature $3500 ea. Or $3250 ea. for all

Wildebeest – 0.5 White Bearded, Mature, EXPOSED $4500 ea. or $4250 ea. for all

Springbok 2.0 Mature $3500 ea.

Gemsbok 2.0 Yearling $ 3000 ea.

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