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Please note that the numbers located after the specie such as 1.4 indicates the number of males and females being offered. So for example 1.4 means 1 male and 4 females for a total of 5 animals.


Red Deer – 0.7 bred to 550”+ 4yr old stag!! Circle H Genetics!! $3500ea

Big Mature Transcaspian Urial Ram gold medal $10,500

European Mouflon – 8.0 2-3yrs $850ea

European Mouflon – 0.10 one year old 40”+genetics $650ea

Warthog – 2.2 18mo non related males $10k/pair

Red Lechwe – 0.7 mature exposed $1950ea

Sable – 3.0 18mo $4750ea

Sable – 2.0 2yrs $5500ea

Sable – 0.2 18mo $12,500ea

Springbok – 4.0 yrlg $2500ea

Springbok – 3.0 2yrs $2950ea

Kudu – 1.0 2.5yrs $5750

Blackbuck – 6.0 7”-12” $750ea

Fallow – 2.0 spikes big genetics $750ea

Fallow – 1.0 2yrs big genetics $1150

Pure Nubian Ibex – 2.0 3yrs $5500ea

Pure Nubian Ibex – 0.3 2yrs $4500ea

Pure Nubian Ibex – 2.0 1yr $2950ea



*Attention: The offer for sale is in Texas only for any animals that are listed on the US endangered specie list, or cities, or under the condition all parties obtain any and all necessary permits. The prices listed above are for each animal here at the ranch in Texas, unless otherwise stated. Once an agreement for any animal has been accepted by Circle H Ranch, Inc. all funds are due immediately upon mutual agreement for said animals, plus any other agreed upon fees, unless other arrangements have been made.


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