Surplus List

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When we use the numbers like 5.6 for example the first number is how many males and the second number is how many females. So 5.6 means 5 males and 6 females. Call today to reserve your animals, or ask us about something special your looking for. This list is not everything we have for sale. These are the animals that we are selling at the moment, but please ask us if you are looking for something else. Thank you.

Implala  –  0.4 ON close soon!!!

Cape BuffaloSOLD

Red Deer Females –  0.5 Circle H genetics and open $950ea

Greater Kudu  –  3.0 45″-50″ $10,500ea

Springbok –  SOLD

Scimitar Oryx  –  3.0 1-2yrs $1450ea

Dama Gazelle  –  SOLD

Sable Antelope  –  1.0 39″+ $12,500
3.0 35″-37″ $10,500ea
2.2  $21,500/pair pending

Nile Lechwe  –  4.0  mature  $6950ea

Waterbuck  –   3.0 2yrs $2500ea
0.1 mature exposed $2850 SOLD
Watusi Steer  SOLD
White Bison  –  1.0 mature $7500
1.0 1-2yrs $4950

Bison  –  3.0 2yrs $1950ea

Addax  –  2.0  2-3yrs   $3250ea

Mouflon Rams – 6″-8″ $450ea
25″-26″ $950ea

Red Sheep  –  3.0 1-2yrs $395ea
0.1 1-2yrs $250ea

Zebra Grants  –  SOLD

Ankole Watusi  –  SOLD

Longhorn Steers – 5.0 2yrs $495ea

Rheas  –  6 unsexed white 4-5mo $695ea
3 grey 4-5mo $495ea

Aoudad  –  SOLD

*Attention: The offer for sale is in Texas only for any animals that are listed on the US endangered specie list, or cities, or under the condition all parties obtain any and all necessary permits. The prices listed above are for each animal here at the ranch in Texas, unless otherwise stated. Once an agreement for any animal has been accepted by Circle H Ranch, Inc. all funds are due immediately upon mutual agreement for said animals, plus any other agreed upon fees, unless other arrangements have been made.