Feral Pigs ‘Rampage’ in Kirkuk, Killing 3 ISIS Militants


Feral Pigs ‘Rampage’ in Kirkuk, Killing 3 ISIS Militants

Hey Texas, still looking for something to do with all your feral pigs?

Reports from IraqiNews.com say three ISIS militants were killed late Sunday when a group of feral hogs attacked them in Kirkuk, near a farmland in al-Rashad.

Apparently, the men were trying to clear a large group of pigs from the farmland, when they suddenly went on a “rampage” and attacked the three militants. As you all know, these pigs have a relatively short temper, and they will charge if they feel threatened. That’s likely what happened here, and when the dust settled, all three of the militants were left killed.

To give you an idea of what a charging feral pig looks like, we included the video below, which shows five times a wild hog charged people that made us hold our breathe.