Anglers Use Dead Friend as Bait to Catch 180-Pound Monster Carp


Anglers Use Dead Friend as Bait to Catch 180-Pound Monster Carp

A trio of best friends had plans set in place to go on a fishing trip to Thailand, until one of them, Ron Hopper, 64, tragically died of cancer. The two friends, grieving the loss of their fishing buddy, decided to go on the fishing trip, and honor their late friend by granting his dying wish.

Paul Fairbass and Cliff Dale, both 65, traveled to Thailand together with one goal: catch a monster carp using their dead friend as bait.

According to The Express, the idea was born just a few days before Mr. Hopper passed. Mr. Fairbrass was apparently visiting Hopper in the hospital, when he requested that his fishing buddies go to Thailand and scatter his ashes around the lake they previously visited for another fishing trip.

“I told him we would do one better that that, and turn him into boilies (a special bait mix used to attract fish) and catch a big fish with them,” Fairbrass stated. “He just cracked up and said it was a brilliant idea,” he continued.

Dead Friend

The unusual blend worked pretty well, however, as the two anglers landed a whopping 180-pound Siamese carp – one of the largest species of carp in the world.

“We were gutted that Ron couldn’t come on the trip with us, because he was really looking forward to it, but he was definitely with us when we caught that fish.”

Cliff Dale added, “I’m not a religious person, but it felt spiritual, it felt like Ron was right there with us.”

“After we caught that fish, I looked to the heavens and said ‘thank you, Ron.’”

We hear a lot of stories come from the outdoors, but this was definitely one of the most bizarre we’ve heard in a long time. We give these anglers two thumbs up for honoring their best friend in such a cool way. What are real friends for anyway?

Good fishing fellas! Take a look at their legendary catch in the video below: