Gorsuch faces day 3 of questioning at Supreme Court hearing.

Gorsuch faces day 3 of questioning at Supreme Court hearing.

Judge Neil Gorsuch will face day three of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing Wednesday, in which he can expect to face more tough questions from Democrats.

Fenstein prods again on Gorsuch’s 2006 advice to President Bush on the signing statement of the Detainee Detention Act.

Gorsuch notes that his memory is not that great. But Feinstein says that he is “still young” which draws a grin from the nominee.

When Feinstein mentions the gun case, Gorsuch says it is an example of him ruling in favor of “the little guy.”

The case involved a felon who was prosecuted for having a gun as a felon. Gorsuch found that the defendant didn’t know he was a felon and therefore couldn’t be prosecuted for being a felon with a gun.

“I’m just trying to follow the plain letters of the law,” whether a little guy or a big guy, he said.


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Grassley asks Gorsuch when it is appropriate to look at legislative history, He notes Scalia hated it.

Gorsuch says he has the utmost respect for the Senate and says that every judge has the responsibility to read what it is put before him or her by the body.

Gorsuch points to a case where he disagreed with putting a man in prison due to legislative history rather than legal precedent.

Sen. Grassley is talking about bringing in cameras into the Supreme Court, although he carefully avoids asking Gorsuch his opinion.

Senate Democrats aren’t pleased.