Gun Confiscation Letters Sent Out in Connecticut!

February 26, 2014

confiscatinggunsSince last year’s tragic Sandy Hook shooting, Connecticut lawmakers have “led” the nation in violating their citizens’ second amendment rights!

In Connecticut, the state legislature passed a bill banning so-called “high capacity” magazines (anything above 10 rounds) and semi-automatic rifles with certain prohibited cosmetic attachments.

Anyone who owned a magazine or rifle before the law was passed was grandfathered in, but they were also forced to register these “dangerous weapons” with the state before January 1, 2014. Well, the registration deadline came and went and the registration numbers are quite interesting…

Just like in neighboring New York, gun owners in Connecticut are refusing to register their firearms with the state. These law-abiding citizens became felons overnight when the Connecticut legislature passed a law that arbitrarily outlawed their previously legal firearms. A total of 47,916 people registered their firearms and another 40,000 people registered their “high capacity” magazines with the State of Connecticut by the January 1st deadline. However, that could represent as little as 4% of the total number of “assault weapons” and prohibited magazines owned in the state.

In a massive show of civil disobedience, gun owners have refused to comply with the mandated registration and, as a result, Connecticut’s unjust law has created upwards of 100,000 felons who have otherwise committed no crime!

Now, however, the State is going after these gun owners and has begun sending out gun confiscation letters!

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