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Bomb Squad

A woman was indicted in federal court last week after allegedly sending explosive packages to Governor Greg Abbott and former President Barack Obama last year, according to the New York Times. The bizarre details of the allegations were revealed last week: Julia Poff, of Brookshire, allegedly shipped the explosive packages, which included a cigarette box with a Texas tobacco stamp, a salad dressing cap from a brand she was known to have bought for an anniversary dinner, and hair from her pet cat. According to the indictment, Abbott actually opened the package he received from Poff, but, luckily, it did not explode, because, according to court documents, “he did not open it as designed.” Poff was allegedly upset at Abbott, who was attorney general at the time, because “she had not received support from her ex-husband.” She faces six counts, including mailing injurious articles and transporting explosives with the intent to kill and injure.

Saying Goodbye

The funeral for Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez was held in El Paso on Saturday, according to the El Paso Times. Martinez and his partner were patrolling near the Van Horn Station about 120 miles east of El Paso last week, when they responded to unspecified activity and were injured. Both agents were taken to a hospital, and Martinez, a 36-year-old who lived in El Paso, died from his injuries. “It’s sad to lay down one of our own to rest,” Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero said in a statement, according to the Times. “It’s sad to see that he made the ultimate sacrifice. But it honors me, and it honors every single law enforcement agent that he was willing to do that—to protect our nation, to protect our borders, and to protect those who serve.” It’s still unclear exactly what happened when Martinez and his partner were injured. The FBI is investigating whether the agents were ambushed or attacked, or if they accidentally fell.


H-Town Beef

Two of Houston’s biggest personalities feuded on social media last week, according to the Houston Chronicle. It all started when popular Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth called out injured Texans defensive end J.J. Watt for not adequately distributing aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey after raising $37 million. “We Waited To Simply See If You Cared About Touchin The People For Real,” Trae The Truth wrote on Instagram. “We Waited On One Simple Call That Take Less Than A Min.” On Saturday, Trae Tha Truth told the Chronicle that he had tried to reach out to Watt to talk about how best to help Harvey victims, but he apparently was rebuffed. Watt clapped right back. “It is very clear that you speak loudly about that which you do not know,” he wrote in the comments section of the Instagram post. “I have laid out my plan very clearly every step of the way and kept everyone informed. … As badly as I wish I could help every single person affected, it is simply not physically possible.” Watt said his injured leg had caused delays. Both men eventually deleted their Instagram posts.