Article credited to Texas Monthly:


Twitter Fingers

Texas’s “tweeter laureate” had to answer tough questions about his popular Twitter account on Wednesday. Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, one of President Donald Trump’s nominees for the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, went before the Senate on Wednesday along with his fellow nominee and Dallas appellate attorney Jim Ho. But most of the two-hour confirmation hearing was focused on Willett. According to the Texas Tribune, senators took issue “both for his outsized presence on the social media platform and for a pair of particularly controversial tweets related to LGBT issues.”

Veep Visit

At the annual Republican Governors Association conference, held in Austin this year, Vice President Mike Pence outlined the Trump administration’s plan for a major tax overhaul. “We’re going to take a decisive step—before the end of this year . . . to cut taxes across the board for working families and businesses,” Pence said, according to the Texas Tribune. “I know this room knows all about tax cuts because these Republican governors have been busy cutting taxes in recent years and making a real difference in their states.” As the Dallas Morning News notes, Pence also met with Governor Greg Abbott and revealed the federal government distributed more than $1 billion in housing assistance for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Helping to Heal

Many were shocked at the transformation of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Completely transformed, the church reopened as a public memorial on Sunday, just one week after 26 people were killed in the sanctuary. The San Antonio Express-News has the story behind the church’s dramatic shift, which involves a vision from God and a lot of generous Texans. It’s worth a read.