One expert that has spent the last 24 years hunting for the infamous Loch Ness Monster says he’s confident that you’ve all been catfished.

No, really.

Steve Feltham told Sky News that the most likely explanation is that “Nessie” is a Wels catfish, kind of like this one but significantly larger:

Wels catfish can grow to be 13 feet long and weigh nearly 900 pounds.

While there have been many photos over the years leading to speculation about the giant monster, some have been verified as a hoax.

Feltham, who has been so persistent on solving the mystery that he moved where to buy metronidazole applicators closer to the Scottish loch, says sonar has picked up objects that are the size of a car.

“We get sonar contacts with things that are far bigger than any fish that should live in this body of water,” he told Sky News.

While he would be putting his money on catfish, Feltham isn’t quite ready to call it quits on his mission to find “Nessie.”

“I’m not saying the mystery’s solved,” he told Sky News. “I’m still looking for a better explanation than that (Wels catfish).

“This is an explainable phenomena. There is something to be explained in Loch Ness.”