Ann Romney “Never say Never”!

Washington (CNN) — Ann Romney told CNN on Thursday that she is still “done” with the idea of another presidential bid, but adds “you know, you never do say never.”

“At this point in time, that’s where we are mentally is done,” a teary-eyed Romney said on CNN’s “New Day” on Thursday morning, when asked about the possibility of her husband Mitt Romney seeking a third presidential bid.

And she said here husband is “absolutely” in the same mindset.

That interview came after she said her family was, “Done. Done. Done” with her husband’s presidential ambitions in an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Monday.

But Romney said Thursday on CNN that “we never say never” and that the country would be in a better place if her husband were president, calling him “one competent guy who really is a great leader.”

The drain of the 2012 campaign hasn’t faded from the Romney family and Ann Romney recalled that the family vowed to be done with Mitt Romney’s presidential ambitions after his loss to President Barack Obama in 2012.

“At election night, we all looked at each other … and we said we gave it everything we had,” Romney said. “We didn’t have an ounce left to give”

“Emotionally and mentally, that’s where we still are,” she said.

But Romney again refused to completely shut the door on 2016 when asked if she could say confidently that her husband would not make a 2016 bid.

Romney even rattled off her husband’s resume and experience managing “turnaround situations” — from rescuing the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to his tenure as Massachusetts governor to his corporate experience.

“I think the times call for someone of that capability,” she said.

Romney even suggested that “what’s happening in Russia” wouldn’t be the same if her husband were president and recognized that would make a great case for a 2016 bid.

And Mitt Romney’s entire family agrees on that point, his wife said.

“My kids are like, ‘Come on Dad, it’s just such a shame you’re not there,'” Ann Romney said.

Ann Romney launches new medical center

Romney was on CNN’s New Day discussing the launch of the Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases, a research center that will look to find treatments and cures for diseases like multiple Sclerosis, which Ann Romney was diagnosed with, as well as Alzheimer’s Disease and ALS, among others.

That interview came after Romney first said her family was, “Done. Done. Done” with her husband’s presidential ambitions, but then told the Washington Post the next day that “we’ll have to see what happens.”

And on 2016, Ann Romney seems to be taking the cues from her husband as she told the Washington Post Tuesday that “we’ll have to see what happens.”

That comment nearly identically echoed how her husband has explained that while he doesn’t envision a 2016 run, there’s always a chance.

“We’ll see what happens,” he told New York Times Magazine last month.

And in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, the two-time presidential contender said “circumstances can change, but I’m just not going to let my head go there.”