Breaking News: VEPR Banned in The U.S. Due To New Russian Sanctions

If you’re a gun enthusiast and have been eyeing a VEPR rifle to add to your collection, your time may be severely limited to grab one before they fade away.

It appears the U.S. Department Of Treasury has updated the sanction list in connection to the Russian – Ukranian conflict, and as a result, VEPR rifles and shotguns have been added to the “banned” list.

The text from the US Department of Treasury can be read below:

MOLOT-ORUZHIE, OOO (a.k.a. OBSHCHESTVO S OGRANICHENNOI OTVETSTVENNOSTYU ‘MOLOT-ORUZHIE’; f.k.a. OBSHCHESTVO S OGRANICHENNOI OTVETSTVENNOSTYU PROIZVODSTVENNO INSTRUMENT KACHESTVO), 135 ul. Lenina, Vyatskie Polyany, Kirov Obl. 612960, Russia; Registration ID 1094307000633 (Russia); Tax ID No. 4307012765 (Russia); Government Gazette Number 60615883 (Russia) [UKRAINE-EO13661] (Linked To: KALASHNIKOV CONCERN).

Image courtesy wikimedia