ACA Creates Two Committees to Address Industry’s Negative Publicity

ACA Creates Two Committees to Address Industry’s Negative Publicity

Warren Bluntzer and Charly Seale named Chairmen;

Ask for Input from Breeders

AYR, NE- The American Cervid Alliance Leadership Council unanimously approved the creation of two new committees to address growing concerns regarding inaccurate news articles and industry terminology. The decision came during a recent ACA council meeting when several council members looked for ways to improve public perception.


The first industry committee called the “Media Review Committee” will serve as a collection point for any industry member who wishes to forward news articles and editorials that portray the cervid industry in a negative way or uses non factual or false statements concerning the industry.  The committee will then examine the suggestions and make recommendations to the ACA Council for any type of response or legal action.  The ACA will then turn these documents over to the ACA attorneys for input and recommendations on possible recourse. Any action will be completely vetted by the ACA members with the advice of our legal council during regularly scheduled meetings.
The second committee approved by the ACA Council will be known as the “Industry Terminology Committee”.  This committee will offer a comprehensive review of key terms used within the cervid industry that could have a negative connotation. The committee will take suggestions from any deer or elk breeder on words or phrases that should be considered. The committee will bring a list of recommendations to the ACA council. For example, “shooter buck” could be better portrayed as “trophy buck.”


During the meeting, Donald Hill, the councilman representing the Missouri Whitetail Deer Breeders & Hunting Ranch Association, stated that “this is about defending our industry; these negative articles slandering the industry cannot continue to go unchecked.”
Both committee chairmen are asking for suggestions from anyone with ideas.  Furthermore, if any person is interested in assisting either one of the committees, they can be added to the list.  The committee rosters are as follows:


Industry Terminology Committee
Chairman: Warren Bluntzer  (
Members: Jerry Campbell, Glen Dice, Donald Hill, Kevin Hinkebein, Kurt Humphrey, Todd Landt, and Travis Lowe.


Media Review Committee
Chairman: Charly Seale  (
Members:  Glen Dice, Donald Hill, Barry McGrew, Gary Olson, Laurie Seale and
Curt Waldvogel.