After Pennsylvania school stabbing, authorities and community ask: ‘Why?’

Sadly this story demonstrates that taking guns away from the American public will not solve anything.  This troubled teen hurt 21 people with two kitchen knives.  Read more of this troubling story below.
By Mariano Castillo and Ben Brumfield, CNN

updated 9:51 AM EDT, Thu April 10, 2014

(CNN) — A day after a Pennsylvania student rampaged through his high school’s hallways, swinging two kitchen knives, hints of a motive remain elusive.

Who is 16-year-old Alex Hribal, and what troubled him?

Hribal was charged as an adult and faces four counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault related to the 21 people he wounded.

Some classmates describe him as having few friends and being quiet, but also as a “really nice kid.”

“This is not a dysfunctional family,” Hribal’s lawyer, Patrick Thomassey, told CNN on Thursday. “They’re like the Brady Bunch. These parents are active with their two sons, and we’re trying to figure out what happened.”

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