Congress to consider exempting “Three Amigos”

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ORYX-SCIMITAR-HORNEDTXI-82549-1-600x350The U.S. House and Senate will consider Dallas Safari Club-backed legislation that would exempt from endangered species protections three antelope species nearly extinct in their native countries but thriving on ranches in Texas.

The exemptions would clear the way for ranchers to maintain their herds and to offer hunts for these game animals without government intervention.

Hunting revenue provides incentive for ranchers to ensure flourishing populations of exotic scimitar horned oryx, Dama gazelle and addax.

The antelope species are known in Texas as the “Three Amigos.”

DSC has been working on this issue for several years now, and the organization is grateful that Congress has included the legislation in the FY 2014 Omnibus bill. The provision, offered by Congressman John Carter (TX-31) exempts U.S. populations of these animals from endangered species protections, said Ben Carter, DSC executive director.

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