EWA Alert: New ‘Farmed Cervid Sub-Committee’ Approved by USAHA

 November 6, 2013

New ‘Farmed Cervid Sub-Committee’ Approved by USAHA Exec Committee

Cervid Industry Gets Separate Sub-Committee for First Time after 20 Years

AYR, NE- During the annual United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) conference, the creation of a new sub-committee within USAHA was approved by the Executive Committee. The new “Subcommittee on Farmed Cervids”, will officially begin at the 2014 USAHA Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. This will be a subcommittee within the Captive Wildlife and Alternative Livestock Committee, which is currently the official committee charged with addressing issues within the deer industry.

The idea of a separate committee for farmed cervids was proposed and endorsed by the American Cervid Alliance Leadership Council before leader’s arrival in San Diego, last month. ACA leaders, during their council meeting, believed that having a separate committee that addressed only cervid issues at USAHA would be a tremendous benefit for the industry. The USAHA Executive Committee decided to start with a farmed cervid sub-committee and asked ACA leaders, who were at the conference, for input on possible committee members. As an additional benefit to the cervid industry, there will be three co-chairs of the subcommittee, two of which will be state agriculture veterinarians and one representative from the cervid industry. This marks the first time the cervid industry will have an opportunity to have any type of its own forum and be able to co-chair a USAHA sub-committee.

The leadership of the subcommittee is as follows:
Dr. Paul Anderson, State Veterinarian, Minnesota Dept of Agriculture, Co-Chairman
Dr. Bret Marsh, State Veterinarian, Indiana Department of Agriculture, Co-Chairman
Charly Seale, Executive Director, Exotic Wildlife Association, Co-Chairman

The balance of the subcommittee members will be released in the near future.

The subcommittee’s purpose will be to provide a national forum to (1) discuss scientific, regulatory and political issues affecting the cervidae industry, (2) evaluate state and federal regulatory programs, (3) develop effective programs to control diseases, and (4) recommend regulatory programs that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the farmed cervidae industry.

Cervid leaders were elated to hear that the Executive Committee had approved the new sub-committee. Todd Landt, an ACA Councilman representing the Iowa Whitetail Deer Association, stated, “This is my second year attending the USAHA Conference and I can’t stress how important this sub-committee will be to our industry. USAHA is very important and now we can move to have more in-depth discussions regarding issues affecting our industry.”

The American Cervid Alliance is thankful to USAHA for the opportunity.