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Exotic Wildlife Association
Exotic Wildlife Association
Membership Alert

To all EWA Members,


The day we have all waited for has finally arrived.  The “Three Species” have been removed from the onerous restrictions of the Endangered Species Act and returned to the exemption they were given September 2, 2005.  Starting today permits to buy, sell across state lines, or to mange through commercial hunting are no longer required.  


This has been a long and expensive battle but one that was worth every dollar that your association spent.  The ultimate winners are the Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax and Dama Gazelle.  This Congressional mandate will insure the survival of these species for generations to come.  Please take the time to call or write Congressmen John Carter, Pete Sessions and Ken Calvert as well as Senator John Cornyn for their support of this amendment.


On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the EWA, I thank all of those members and non-members who supported the EWA’s efforts.



Charly Seale

Executive Director

(830) 928-3158