HOW TO : How to ‘Lollipop’ Frog Legs in 5 Easy Steps


How to ‘Lollipop’ Frog Legs in 5 Easy Steps

So, you’re a brave heart willing to tangle with venomous slitherers under cover of night for trophy hoppers? Or, you might be so deep into the locavore movement that you’re willing to get boots sucked out from under you in knee-high muck to bag a heap of croakers in a mosquito-infested Tennessee swamp?

Either way, you probably already know how to clean and dress frogs. Perhaps you have an old family recipe that’s been handed down the family tree. But if you want to get a bit schmancy next time, or have never “lollipopped” frog legs and are wondering how, here are five easy steps that will elevate your wild kitchen skills.



  1. Start lollipopping by cutting the legs into two; one nice slice and bone crunch on each side of the tail bone (below).

  1. Slip the tip of the knife between the tibiofibular bone and the calf muscle (below).

  1. Slide knife along the tibiofibula to release the calf muscle (below).

  1. Pull back the calf muscle to expose the tibiofibular (below).

  1. The photo below shows a different angle of stripping the calf muscle. Once the calf muscle has been detached with the tip of a knife, strip the flesh off the bone by pulling and scraping. That’s all there is to it!


Quick-and-Easy Recipe

Toss the legs and a bit of pork fat back in some seasoned flour.

Deep fry until golden in a cast iron skillet.

Coat with your favorite homemade, or store bought sauce: buffalo, Teriyaki, bar-b-que, or whatever. That right there is some finger-licking good eating!

About the Author: Raised a Minnesota farm-girl in a hunting family, Krissie Mason (below) is an outdoorswoman, food enthusiast, and has been reconnecting with her culinary country roots and family hunting traditions of late. She is the brains and brawn behind Scratch + Holler media, and a regular contributor to several outdoor websites. Krissie fully supports a field-to-fork wild food chain, and especially enjoys expanding pantries and stretching wild game palates with her ambitious and delicious wild game recipes.