Massive Bighorn Sheep Scored after 45 Years in Storage

Daniel Xu | November 18, 2013


After 45 years, this massive pair of horns has finally found a place on the wall.

Canadian hunter Robert Morris received the behemoth bighorn seen above just before the turn of the millennium, but the animal’s history stretches further back than that. Its interesting past is only now coming to light after more than four decades in storage. An official scoring this year found the bighorn to be 200-2/8, tying two others for the 26th largest bighorn in Boone and Crockett Club’s records.

Yet, it was not even mounted until recently when Morris found a suitable cape for the skull in 2012. In a letter submitted to Boone and Crockett, he explained that the ram’s skull was originally found by an angler in British Columbia around 1968, who later bequeathed it to a friend of his. That friend eventually presented the skull to Morris.

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