National Parks: Shutdown FAQs: Answers to your questions about impacts to visitors and wildlands

Currently there are no visitors allowed in our national parks. Photo by Matt Carman

Puzzled by what the shutdown means for our public lands? Find answers here.

Update on partial park system opening: On Oct. 12, the Department of Interior allowed several states to use state funding to open some national parks on Oct. 12. These states include, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota and New York. Responding to requests from Governors of at least four states, who were concerned about the economic impacts caused by park closures, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has allowed these states to pay for park operations. While The Wilderness Society appreciates the states’ willingness to reopen their national parks, we believe the only long-term solution is to pass a clean continuing resolution to reopen the entire federal government.

Question: Now that the government is shut down, can I visit national parks or other federally managed wildlands?

Answer: Sadly, all the majority of the nation’s magnificent national parks and park units, 561 national wildlife refuges, 108 national monuments as well as all national forest and BLM visitor centers are closed to the public. As of October 12, some states, including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, South Dakota and New York, were using their own funding to pay to open parks…Click here for full story.