Sportsmen Oppose House Bills Threatening Public Lands

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership | November 19, 2013

Logo courtesy Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Logo courtesy Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Two bills being voted upon this week by the U.S. House of Representatives would undermine leasing reforms intended to balance energy development activities on public lands, require a set percentage of nominated acres to be offered for lease regardless of potential impacts to fish and wildlife, and limit the federal government’s ability to conserve public lands resources important to hunters and anglers, Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development announced today.

“These bills continue the onslaught on public lands that attempts to prioritize energy development over all other resources values,” said Kate Zimmerman, the National Wildlife Federation’s public lands policy director. NWF is a member of the SFRED coalition. “There is nothing strategic about an energy policy that eliminates balance between development and other resources values and threatens the nation’s vibrant and critically important outdoor recreation-based economy.”

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