Sunnyvale: Gun-control measure triggers lawsuit from gun industry, dealer

By Josh Richman

SUNNYVALE — A gun store owner and a national gun industry trade group have sued to keep parts of Sunnyvale’s new gun control ordinance from taking effect on Jan. 1, claiming that it clashes with state and federal laws and tramples on constitutional rights.

The National Rifle Association plans to file its own lawsuit early next week. But Sunnyvale announced Tuesday that the San Francisco law firm of Farella Braun + Martel will offer its services for free to defend the ordinance against all challenges.

“Our community spoke loud and clear that we want to do what we can to prevent gun violence,” said Mayor Tony Spitaleri. “The threats of lawsuits and defense costs didn’t stop them from doing what they felt was right, and now we have one of the best law firms in the country prepared to defend us.”

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