Texas Couple Lands Record Setting ‘McNugget Bass’ With Dollar Menu Bait

A man in Texas recently broke a lake record with a largemouth bass, and you won’t believe what he had tied on as bait.

While fishing on Bardwell Lake in Ennis, Texas, a couple caught a record smashing largemouth bass using a chicken nugget from McDonalds.

The bass was officially listed as a new lake record when it measured 24½ inches long and weighed in at 10.802 pounds!

Now, a fish of this can you buy metronidazole online magnitude is impressive in and of itself, but the fact that a McNugget was what lured this fish in, might be a game changer.

We spend a lot of time looking at weather reports and talking with friends to find out what the fish are biting, when all along you could be jigging a nugget and catching record setting bass. Is anyone else tempted to rig up a Big Mac and see what happens?