Master Taxidermist Works on Mule Deer from Start to Finish

Daniel Xu | February 20, 2014

Although many may not realize it, taxidermy can be a stressful job. After all, no hunter wants his prize disfigured after a costly and memorable hunt. Taxidermists need to also be skilled in tanning, painting, and have an in-depth knowledge of wildlife anatomy. However, veterans of the art also say taxidermy can be very gratifying for someone with an interest in nature, and offers a great degree of creative flexibility.

Tim McLagan of McLagan’s Taxidermy in Oregon has been at the job for 17 years, and his hands have shaped everything from kudu to cape buffalo to even lamps from shed antlers. Watch as this master taxidermist turns an archery mule deer into a cherished memory from start to finish.

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