Squirrel removes child’s loose tooth……


ever there was an embarrassing dad story for the record books, this just might be it. As kids growing up, many of us had to deal with dear old dad’s ideas for getting rid of loose teeth. Some of those ideas may have seemed outlandish at the time, but then this dad comes along and uses a squirrel to get the job done.

Setting out to achieve what he dubs an internet first, David Freiheit of Montreal places his camera near a park bench where his daughter takes a seat. The plan is to take advantage of local wildlife by putting them on the tooth removal payroll. In order to accomplish this, he pays one lucky squirrel in granola for the service of yanking a loose tooth out of his daughter’s mouth.

Squirrel Tooth Removal 2 6-27-16

Since granola is a hit amongst squirrels, it doesn’t take long for a fuzzy fella to step up to the plate. The granola, tied to the tooth via a length of floss, was then seized by the scurrying squirrel and along with it went the tooth. Some quick recovery was performed and just like that, the Tooth Fairy had somewhere to be that night.

When all is said and done, the squirrel goes back to business as usual. Father and daughter chuckle together as they examine the tooth and bask in their success. Squirrel dentistry for the win!